Exercise & How it Benefits Older Adults | Executive Care of Somerville

Have you ever stopped to consider how many benefits regular physical activity offers? The benefits are many—especially for older adults!

How Seniors Benefit From Regular Exercise

It can be hard to get motivated for exercise at any age. But the numerous benefits of physical fitness outweigh our excuses for not exercising:

Increase in strength. Mobility, or the ability to move around, often worsens as we age. But regular physical activity can help improve strength and stabilize mobility.

Stronger immune system. Exercise increases overall immunity and makes it easier to fight off disease.

Decrease in falls. One in three older adults fall each year, making falls one of the most common causes of injuries and death. Performing regular exercises that improve balance can help lower that risk.

Improvement in chronic conditions. Older adults often deal with chronic health conditions, like diabetes. Regular exercise can help diminish the symptoms of those conditions and better manage them.

Increase in energy. You might think exercise will actually make you tired, but in actuality, it can help improve your energy levels.

Lower blood pressure. Not only can exercise lower blood pressure for everyone, but it can also help those with chronic hypertension experience fewer symptoms.

The Impact of Exercise on Mental Health

The physical benefits are abundant, but exercise offers multiple cognitive and mental health benefits as well:

Improved mood. Exercise releases positive endorphins, which are known to boost mood. A person who exercises regularly also has a lower risk of developing anxiety and depression.

Improved focus. Not only is exercise a well-known deterrent to Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, but it can also improve overall focus as well.

Reduced stress. Exercise removes stress hormones in the body. This is great for our mental well-being, as well as decreasing blood pressure and heart issues.

Exercises Great for Seniors

Your loved one’s doctor will know him or her best and be able to offer specific suggestions. But there are some specific exercises experts recommend for older adults:

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Any exercise that promotes balance is also a positive! Our balance diminishes as we age, making falls more likely. In fact, one in three older adults falls each year. But balance training can help lower the risk.

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