Executive Care of Somerville has excellent nurses. They run a very tidy office, make sure appointments are kept and that calls are returned. The home health aides helped most by having great sensitivity towards my loved one and making him feel secure. They would get him up out of bed and change his catheter bag. They did both in an expert manner, especially Rosemary. She did it in a way that brought my husband comfort. They showed compassion by keeping things light and upbeat. They showed concentration, sympathized, and assured him that he could rely on them. Rosemary would put on his shoes in such a way that it wouldn’t hurt his wounded foot. I appreciated their kindness, understanding, friendliness, and flexibility.

Ann W.

Executive Care of Somerville has been really great! The office staff is easy to work with, cooperative, and they’ve dealt with every need we’ve had. Our live-in aide is wonderful. She takes care of mom and is really good with her. She is helpful and compassionate. She really cares about mom and cooks for her, does laundry, vacuuming and other housekeeping. She will bathe her and helps with everything that mom needs. Having a live-in aide has eased up our tensions a lot. Before, one of the family members had to be with mom all the time.

Robert B.

I like my caregiver’s quality of work and her companionship. She is very friendly. She shows compassion in her friendly gestures like having her hand on my shoulder. She’s very good. She is really well-informed. All in all, she is excellent. I look forward to her coming and I’m real pleased with her. She helps me around the house, which is a big help because of my walker. She does quite a bit for me. She goes out of her way to do more than what is asked.

Lois H.

Executive Care of Somerville does a good and professional job. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. The office staff’s communication skills are very good. We have had this care for a year and I am very satisfied. The aides come and do a good job. I appreciate that they come here on time and do a good job. They are very nice.

Ken P.

My caregiver is extremely compassionate to me. I have been with my caregiver for over a year. She helps me bathe and get dressed in the morning. She takes me shopping and I really enjoy that. I love going shopping so it is a big help to me. She also prepares meals for me. The aide is very friendly and cooperative and has been very pleasant to have around. I have had my caregiver for almost the whole time that I have been with Executive Home Care. The office staff is very cooperative and helps me when I need it. They are very good.

Sylvia K.

The health care aide is very attentive and takes good care of dad. We ended up needing someone with dad 24/7 because he fell, so having someone there helped take the load off my brother and I. The aide is very friendly with us and my dad and we are able to all get along. She makes sure he stays on schedule with his meals, medication, and hygiene.

Betsy L.